I’m an Uncle! (Down Forty-Four)

The biggest news this month is the birth of my niece, Sadie! (^ That’s her up there! ^)

My sister Jennie and her husband David welcomed Sadie Avalon just 2 weeks ago! I can’t wait to get out to see them and spend time getting know the newest member of our family! Mazel Mazel!

Where I am.


Time is flying! It’s been nearly two months since I published my first post and 110 days since I started keeping a log of my food intake and activity. I look like this now:


Since you’ve last heard from me I had a mild case of bronchitis. Being sick really knocked down my activity level these last few weeks. I focused on getting better and eating wholesome food, that paired with a quick visit to the doctor, and some good meds, I finally knocked out the gunk. Thankfully the pounds stayed away without too much effort.

Where I am going.

Some goals for the November include:

  • Remember to vote. (Everyone should do this one!)
  • 2 gym visits a week. (It’s starting to get colder…)
  • Average 7,000 steps a day. (Up from 6,000.)
  • Start meditating. (I have been dying to get this into my routine.)
  • Try some damn yoga. *Every part of my body cringes.* (Thanks Rhegan!)


It’s getting to be that time of year when people start to exceed their limitations. Spending too much money, eating too much food, and that inevitable holiday stress. But I’m not worried, because, this year I feel particularly well-positioned to avoid nearly all of it. I have a great support system of family and friends, I have learned my limitations and have adjusted my intake to best fit the lifestyle I want, and I am doing better at letting go of the small stuff and refocusing on the positive outcomes of my actions I get the pleasure of experiencing daily

Here’s to another month of progress. (And hopefully no more bronchitis.)

Sadie’s Uncle,



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