Month: November 2014

Down fifty. (That’s with a 5 and a 0.)

^^That’s my “50 pounds lost” celebratory Chocolate Confetti Cake from Whole Foods. (They have some great gluten free baked goods and I look forward to more specialty gluten free holiday treats… in moderation of course.)

Where I am.

After 50 pounds (a haircut and a beard trim) I look like this today:

That October Bronchitis Bout was a bit worse than I thought. My health and schedule colluded to keep me out of the gym so far this month as well. I did, however, stay very active at work and thankfully the weight continued to fall away.

Where I am going.

I am sure the next month(s) will test my calorie intake, but I am continuing my soft goal of 2000 calories a day and the hard goal of 2500 or fewer calories daily. I haven’t gone over 2500 calories since starting over 4 months ago and things are going well. Slow, steady, and healthy. If I hit another big milestone I’ll post an update.


The last several months I have felt an outpouring of support for my healthy adventures. As we get closer to my favorite holiday Thanksgiving, I am reminded how thankful I am of everyone who has read, commented, high-fived, or hugged me as I keep going. Your support over the last 120+ days has not only helped me become a healthier person, but more importantly it is helping me become a better man. Thank you all.

Here’s to you and yours during the holiday season,