Month: December 2014

Down sixty.

^^That’s my “60 pounds lost” celebratory Klondike Bar. It tasted a lot like the Dairy Queen Dipped Cones I miss so much… Gluten filled cake cones be damned.

Where I am.

Today, after losing 60 pounds, I look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.59.34 PM

The week before Thanksgiving I had some time off of work and I started to look for a house to buy. Finding a home of my own has been on my radar for the better part of the last decade, and I finally have everything lining up to make it happen. Hopefully, I will find a home that is awesome which will be a stepping stone toward even better things!

Re: The Dreaded Thanksgiving Dinner… it came and went a few calories over budget as expected… but totally worth it. Mom’s Pumpkin Pie filling in small ramekins were unbelievably good! I had a great meal, but with hard work to stay on track, I kept on losing. Latkes and Brisket are the next food hurdle to jump.

Where I am going.

Eating well in December and January has always been tough for me as my birthday falls smack in the middle of the Holiday Parties and New Years celebrations on Dec. 30th. After making it past the milestone treat days and Thanksgiving this year I know I can make great decisions while still enjoying myself. I look forward to the opportunity to break my Birthday Blowout cycle.


I there are a ton of challenges coming up in the new year that could stress me out and derail me. I am confident that I can continue being mindful and I can keep getting healthier if I just look back at the successes I have worked hard for over the last several months.

I will likely have one last post before the end of the year… I know you are all desperately waiting for it! 😉

Here’s to a fulfilling 14 days until I turn 28,