Happy Birthday Jennie

Down thirty-one.

It’s been two weeks since I published my first post about my journey to healthier living thus far. It seems like the right time to check back in, post a photo, give a short update, and send out some love.

Where I am.


I have a new smaller notch in my belt and I am walking at least 6,000 steps every day.

All of that is great… BUT… The real reason I am posting today is to wish my sister, Jennie, a Happy Birthday.

Jennie inspired me to take my gluten allergy more seriously than I ever had before. After discovering she was allergic to gluten (like me) and also a slew of other common foods, she made considerable dietary changes that have helped to make her feel better and have improved her quality of life considerably. Watching her succeed has made me want to be a better and more healthy person as well.

Happy Birthday Jennie. I cannot wait to spend time with you, Dave, and your soon to arrive baby girl! Thank you for being the best big sister a guy could ever hope to have. I wouldn’t be nearly as far on this journey without your support.